Comelie was founded on the premise of wanting to offer the world, the absolute pinnacle in bespoke tailoring. We make entirely by hand, luxuriously beautiful clothing, encompassing the epitome in craftsmanship & bearing the hallmarks of exquisite hand finishing.

The shoulders are padded to provide structure with a slightly pronounced & softer rope sleeve head. The arm holes of the jacket are cut high, aiding maneuverability. The chest is cut close with less drape further complementing the upper body’s clean finish & handsome sartorial appearance.

Our signature defined waist & suppressed back seam follow the curvature of the wearers back. Whilst the sleeves are tapered and curved to follow the natural position of the arms. The Lapel is moderately wide portraying a more confident & alluring impression, accentuating the shoulders to look narrow and proportionate. The quarters are closed, with a subtle elegant curve at the bottom.

The trousers are cut slim, particularly in the thigh and further taper through the knee and cuff & sit comfortably on the natural waist.

Moreover Comelie make beautiful bespoke tailoring, with patience and meticulous hand work. Using the finest interlinings, we craft our own unique shoulder padding and fully floating canvases with various layering. Providing for a lighter, more comfortable wear and add to the resilience and longevity of our bespoke garments for extended years of pleasure.

Some of our most ornate hand sewn finishing is so intricate, one could consider it to be embroidery. The making of our Milanese button holes as standard, hand felled linings, hand pick stitching to the cm, beautifully applied across the jacket, vest, trouser & overcoat, both outside and inside.

However our proudest workmanship is to be found within the bespoke garments themselves. Created with finesse, perfection, and dedication to achieve exacting fit & with comfort in mind.


We feel all people have the right to access clean drinking water in quantities & of a quality equal to their basic needs. Whilst many companies prefer ‘greenwashing’ we actually have made it our priority to help make the world a better place, and pledged to invest 10% of our annual profits into water treatment led initiatives.

In 2007, Comelie entered into an agreement with a leading water purification manufacturer of water filtration products, utilizing Industry 4.0 water purification technologies. Since 1988 Their reverse osmosis /waste water treatment plants, have served global citizens with clean water in over 60 countries worldwide.

Since our partnership between Comelie has successfully installed community water centers, water filtration plants in schools and provisioned solar powered water purification systems for villages without electricity from the grid. We together have helped to save the lives of 100s of thousands of families and children, without access to clean water, in communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia.

We have made it our life long goal, to support the United Nations - Sustainable development goal No 6. Water & Sanitation, and actively involve ourselves as an Ethical Savile Row bespoke tailor. To do more to support the ‘International Decade for Action’- Water for “International Decade for Action – Water for Sustainable Development” (2018–2028) in support of the achievement of SDG 6.


Pursuit towards tailoring perfection is equally on par to our watchful lens towards decreasing our carbon footprint throughout our business processes.

Maintaining our own status quo of sourcing, purchasing and using materials, only from environmentally conscious suppliers, is both important for our environmental, social and ethical footprint and for our clients.

Always monitoring the traceability of our predominant raw material, Wool, in our supply chain. The majority of the world’s finest wool, originates from Merino Wool of Tasmania, Kingston Australia. Also New Zealand’s South Island high country, known for producing the ultrafine Lindis wool.

Our most refined wool fabrics offered to clients, whether Super 100s to Super 250s worsted wool, are woven in the most notable mills across England or Italy. All fabrics are woven by fabric weavers whom adhere to the highest standards of quality, finishing and sustainable processes in their production.

Ultrafine Lindis Wool is finer than most cashmere’s and measures only 13.5 microns in diameter. It is regarded as one of the most luxurious and rarest fibers in the world and has an output less than 0.01% of global wool production.

Comelie makes bespoke suiting’s to our unique superlative standard in 100% wool for all of our discerning clients. Gentleman and ladies whom wish to wear the finest in handmade craftsmanship, accompanied with the assurance of choosing the purest natural composition of fabrics, of a quality and design like no other.

Our exquisite Jacketing and overcoating fabrics including; Cashmere, Alpaca, Guanaco or even the rarest of all-natural wools; Vicuna. Considered ‘the fabric of gods’, which originates from the llama, inhabiting the mountainous regions of South America. All originate from certified responsible wool farmers. Farms where sheep and Camelids are reared, fed, protected, sheltered and transported with consideration for their wellbeing. Prohibiting cruel practices and animal stress being minimized.

We support sustainable initiatives, such as the ‘Responsible Wool Standard’ which addresses the welfare of sheep and the land they are grazed upon. The ‘Campaign for Wool Initiative’, Patron: Former Prince of Wales, promotes the extensive benefits of wool as a renewable, biodegradable, planet-friendly fiber.

The 'Sheep on Savile Row’ initiative, spread awareness on wool, being a sustainable source of raw material for the tailoring industry.

Being ethical Savile Row bespoke tailors and shirt makers, Cotton is another important staple material for our clients. Cotton accounts for almost of 40% of textile production globally, helping serve the livelihood of 250 million people. However with only 12% of cotton around the world being classified as sustainable, change is imminently required.

The environmental impact of fast fashion had led to devastating affects to the once fourth largest lake, the Aral Sea in central Asia, which has completely dried out. The adjoining rivers were used to irrigate the surrounding agricultural area and grow 1.47 million hectares of cotton crops. Resulting to the dry river bed, releasing harmful pesticides and poisoning farm land and neighboring villages.

A shirt made with conventional as opposed to sustainable cotton, uses an insurmountable amount of pesticides and not to mention 2700 liters of water.

Committed to ensuring that 100% of all the cotton that we use for bespoke shirting’s, comes from sustainable sources by 2025, reducing the negative environmental and social impact that is associated with cotton production.

Finest shirting’s in our bespoke collection, revered for their incomparably silky and soft handle, are sourced from one of the finest shirting mills in the world, located among Switzerland’s mountains. It is the clear mountain spring water, which is used during the washing and finishing process, that provide the shirting’s, naturally soft and smooth texture. While adhering to the strictest environmental, sustainable and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

West Indian Sea Island cotton, the most precious and rarest shirting fabric in the world, as the name suggests, derives from Barbados. Being handpicked at source and produced in the most historically revered shirting mills in Italy in partnership with ECCI cotton. An association created by Barbadian farmers and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Island of Barbados. Ensures West Indian Sea Island cotton, remains protected and is treated as a precious raw material globally.

Highly commendable and luxuriously soft shirting fabric, which we have incorporated into our Sustainable bespoke shirting’s collection, is Lyocell. Reputed for its great strength, moisture absorption, especially in warmer climates and great comfort against the Skin. Lyocell has become a staple choice among the majority of our clients. Woven from cellulose fibers and ethically sourced from South Africa’s eucalyptus forests, its origins are entirely natural and biodegradable.

Only the highest quality trimmings and materials for our bespoke garments are used, ensuring their sustainability and quality. Our artisans attach by hand the most beautiful and sustainable Australian, mother of pearl buttons, on our bespoke shirting’s and bespoke suits as standard.


ESG - environmental, social and governance principles, have been continually bettered and invested within Comelie . We have acted responsibly, through leadership by example in being the world’s first ‘Ethical Savile Row Bespoke Tailor’.

We have continually bettered and scaled our business operations, tweaked our processes and invested in systems to make ourselves timely & highly efficient for our clients. Still being environmentally & socially conscious of our ethical footprint and becoming a successful business.

Our Environmental criteria keeps us on track as stewards for nature, social criteria ensure we create and manage ‘fare’ relationships with all stakeholders; employees, clients, suppliers and with the communities we work within. Whilst governance measures our altruistic leadership, our executive pays and how we conduct ourselves financially as a business and as employers.

Differentiating ourselves in the tailoring fraternity, we prioritized; cross cultural management & gender equality within our Human resources strategy for the business.

Recognizing the equal value of all people, we wish to establish a precedent in the tailoring industry to combat racism and xenophobia. This is evident in our superbly talented, multi-cultured employees that are representative of the Global Village that we all now live within.

We pay higher than average wages to artisans making our Comelie garments, within clean and bright working environments. All exemplary employees are rewarded for their loyalty & unique skill sets by being made Partner’s in the firm.

Going against the status quo of fast fashion & preserving the craft of Savile Row standard bespoke tailoring. We continually invest in training new apprentice cutters, coat makers, trousers makers and shirt makers to grow and sustain the tailoring trade. Collectively endeavoring to make the finest sartorial clothing according to the superlative Comelie standard.


Comelie bespoke shirt's are synonymous for impeccable quality, refined craftsmanship, as are our bespoke suits, smart casual wear and overcoats.

The initial consultation is with the cutter, whom also wears the hat of being your style consultant. At this initial juncture, a personal understanding is developed between cutter and client. Advising upon which particular shirting among the 3,000 fabrics to choose from, is most suitable according to weight, design and purpose of wear.

Moreover it’s the cutters style advice which can prove to be most compelling & invaluable when sharing, whether a Graph, Vichy or Gingham check, would complement the breadth of the client’s body. Or either a poplin Bengal, Hairline or Twill Herringbone would be more appropriate with business attire. As smart casual dressing gains prominence, many clients prefer to opt for an End on End, Denim or Oxford shirt with their flannel, moleskin or brushed cotton chino trousers made by Comelie. The choice nevertheless is endless, only limited by one’s imagination.

Bespoke tailors and bespoke shirt makers, we possess shirtings for the perennial calendar, in various colors, patterns & qualities, encompassing 2ply/100s to beautifully soft 2ply/140s & the luxurious, West Indian Sea Island cotton. However pure indulgence for a gentleman, is our Superfine shirting’s range, made of the finest Giza 45 cotton, so rare that its harvested only every other consecutive year. Producing the most exquisite 2ply/160s to 2ply/300s shirting’s, being beautifully light and silky to wear. All of our shirting’s irrespective of fineness & yarn count, are all Made in Mills in Italy, England & Switzerland.

In Excess of 14 various stock collar styles and 12 cuff styles, there is a wide array of choice to match a person’s face shape, neck size & style preferences. Not to mention the privilege to create one’s own unique and distinct collar style, this is after all, truly bespoke shirting.

Style is always joint decided between client, stylist or tailor. Whether it be choice of buttons, handmade monograms options, collar and cuff. Measurements of the client’s body is of utmost importance and no less than 20 measurements commence. Taking into consideration, some of the many unique nuances of our client’s physique. For example body posture, drop right or left shoulder, wrist widths for perfectly fitting cuffs and whether the gentleman prefers a moderate or more closely fitting cut. All combine to create a unique feeling of a second skin.

However the true marvel of Comelie’s, reassuringly English bespoke shirts are the meticulous intricacies of transferring the paper pattern onto the chosen shirting fabric. Cutting the fabric to the millimeter with precision to create body panels that will thereafter be handcrafted, to form the initial first fitting for the final bespoke shirt. After a successful first fitting, a final paper pattern is created with notable changes and tweaks made for future bespoke orders. Hand craftsmanship ensues to create your form-fitting, flawlessly tailored Comelie bespoke shirts.

33 individual pieces to make one exquisite Comelie bespoke shirt, with no expense spared and using the finest materials and haberdashery. We hand attach no less than 13 sustainable, Australian mother of pearl buttons, using the strongest of threads. Our shirts Incorporate a fourpiece Split Yoke, two piece collar construction, gussets, Single needle stitching, with quadruple layers of fabric folded over one another on the seams. Ensuring a very neat, yet extremely resilient shirt to withstand the test of time, extending the years of pleasurable wear for our clients & being sustainable in the process.




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